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Monday, April 9, 2018

Far Cry 2

Dead video. Just Seeing if anyone will click it.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Songs with Similar Riffs

Putting this here because I find the familiar tunes annoying that I cannot place where they came from.

In over my head by the Fray
The Chainsmokers-Closer

Franz Ferdinand - Take me out
Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
The Ting Tings - Shut up and let me go

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hey guys

It's been a while and I still do not know why people are still looking at this stuff. I have found that 200 people have been visiting this site for no reason very couple days. Can someone please explain what that is all about. Another thing, the adsense account is still live so ad revenue is still rolling into someone's pocket. I'll get to the bottom of the adsense thing, the page views is okay.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Random thoughts

I seem to notice the amount and my embracing of gaming critique and violence lately. I find I am questioning less of where and who my enemies came from and becoming more of death incarnate. I think Skyrim does that, and don't assume that I don't wonder if Alduin has parties with other dragons in his free time, I still do. I also wonder a lot about the sneak skill but I think about it less. I feel I natural selection in the game, I still feel pity and loss when someone is struck down, but I am feeling it less, and so I feel less human. Please someone comment, or show me you are a human reading this. The other contributors aren't doing anything so I can post things like this ,and I only get spam comments from bots now. I want to know that this blog is still alive.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Moria Brown Mess-up

First off, sorry for the laziness of the blog, once again.
Second, Google mess up a profile picture on Moria Brown.
Instead of normally putting the person's picture next to their biography, the picture was switched with a video game character with the same name. This picture was unaltered when I came across it, search it up if you  want. Hopefully the change is made but until then, we can thank google.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Resistance 2 review

I have completed Resistance 2 and let me say, the ending was disappointing. Much of the game differs from the first. There is a full regen system instead of the quarter regen of the first title. The system is generic FPS stuff: chest high walls, two weapon slots, dull side characters and a competitive mode. However it does have its moments. Some guns are interesting and fun to use like the Splicer, a gun that shoots flying saw blades. The boss fights, yes there are boss fights, are rather simple like quick time events where you must shoot a specific spot. Once again, there are boss that need different methods to defeat like the Swarm that needs to be lured into three different traps. The campaign tries many thing different from the first game but for average FPS audience. The plot is Nathan Hale has been injected with pure Chimera DNA that is slowly turning into a Chimera, a six eyed alien race that wants the Earth. There is another just like Nathan but the other mutated into a flying six eyed alien. The rest of the game is finding the other guy and shooting things that are big.

The cooperative doesn't follow the main campaign but a small team called specter, which seems to do everything. There is no regenerative health but still the weapon limit. Unlike most co-ops the three classes are essential for success. The medic can heal, spec ops can supply ammo and the soldier can deploy a shield to protect the support. The limit of players isn't four or two, but it is eight and probably needed for the vast armies of chimera. The boss system is better with a health bar to determine the state of the boss and drops of 'grey tech' which is used to buy upgrades and weapons. The experience to unlock the equipment is given on the fly whether you damaged something or competed an objective. The exp also fills a bar for a special ability like a kill streak but you don't need kills and you keep the bar if you get revived. The ability can vary from rapid regen, invisibility to a rocket launcher.. The NPCs in the cooperative mode are only plot devices. They don't do much but they always need to be protected. There is perhaps no equal to the cooperative mode.

The competitive mode has the same exp ability bar. The competitive shares the same weapons and regen system from the campaign. The maximum 60 player servers are hard to find but can be incredible if you are into 30 players in a specific point on the map shooting the other team and pushing to another point on the map. The ranked part is to level up and gain more abilities since all the weapons are unlocked at the beginning. The leveling up does make people use unfair weapons like the chain gun that has a mobile shield.

The campaign has a unique plot but not much different from a standard FPS. The cooperative brings a lot of new ideas to the class system and player limit. This gives off a fun experience of lots of shooting and button pushing. However the competitive is fun but at times are very confusing or frustrating.
8 out of 10 mostly for the cooperative.